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Miami Crowns and Bridges

Miami Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

As you may already know, completing your crown or bridge may require 2 to 3 visits, the first of which consists of numbing the area of your mouth we are working on, preparing (reshaping) the tooth or teeth receiving the new crown, and taking a final impression or digital scan of the mouth. This impression, along with other information, will then be sent to the dental laboratory for the fabrication of the final crown or bridge, after which Dr. Dargham will have made you a temporary crown or bridge for your use while awaiting the arrival of the new permanent restoration..

Miami Crowns and Bridges

All this may result in some pressure and temperature sensitivity, at times lasting for a few weeks. Refrain from consuming substances too extreme in temperature or texture. Mild pain medications such as Ibuprofen/Motrin or Tylenol maybe be used as directed by our office. Dr. Dargham typically recommends taking upto three 200mg tablets of Ibuprofen/Motrin, combined with one tablet of Tylenol, every six hours. Please contact our office should these medications not be indicated for you or are not sufficient to relieve your discomfort.

Your temporary crown may come loose or fall off. Please replace the crown and call our office to schedule a recementation appointment, bringing the crown with you to your visit. Avoid rigorous flossing by not pulling up on the floss. Instead, pull the floss out from the side of the temporary crown. If unable to visit the office at that moment, please contact us for further instructions. Please call us if your bite feels high, uneven, or persistently painful. We could be reached at (305) 858-0505 for the Coconut Grove location or at (305) 572-1600 for Biscayne Boulevard location.

Please contact Dr. Dargham and her team to schedule your initial consultation. For your convenience, Dr. Dargham welcomes patients in one of two locations (Coconut Grove Dental Clinic and Biscayne Blvd. Dental Clinic), both located in the heart of Miami Dade County.

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