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Biscayne Smile Gum Lift

Biscayne Smile Gum Lift

Smile Gum Lift

Also known as cosmetic crown lengthening, a gum lift may serve to provide you with the perfect “frame” for your new smile. Those of you who feel your smile, or your gum line, is uneven, this, oftentimes minimally invasive, therapy may be the solution. Normally, the removal of excess gum tissue may serve to greatly improve or eliminate these issues. At times, this sculpting of the gum line may be sufficient to give the teeth the right appearance. And, at other times, it serves to create the frame in which Dr. Rita Dargham will then fabricate restorations that have the correct form, length, and color, giving you the Smile You Would be Proud to Wear…ANYWHERE!

Smile Gum LiftAdvantages of Smile (Gum) Lift:

  • Restores the frame of the smile
  • May result in longer appearing teeth
  • Completed in one visit

Disadvantages of Smile (Gum) Lift:

  • Requires minor surgical phase – Requires anesthesia

Biscayne Smile Gum Lift

Please contact Dr. Dargham and her team to schedule your initial consultation. For your convenience, Dr. Dargham welcomes patients in one of two locations (Coconut Grove Dental Clinic and Biscayne Blvd. Dental Clinic), both located in the heart of Miami Dade County.

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